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August 2016

Outlook: Precipitation Extreme Forecast Index

Precipitation Extreme Forecast Index Summary

August Precipitation Extreme Forecast Index

In the western hemisphere extreme precipitation events are forecast for Colorado and the western plain States and parts of the northern and eastern Caribbean. The Amazon could have unusually to very unusually low rainfall. Higher than normal rainfall events area also expected in Argentina and Bolivia.

In SE Asia and unusually low rainfall is forecast through the western island portion of the region. In Northeast Asia unusually to very unusually high rainfall events are possible in western and Central China and above normal events in Northeast China. Also in the Central Pacific both above and below the equator and also in Indonesia.

Extreme rainfall events are possible in DR Congo and Angola and also in northeast Africa in Egypt, and also in the interior of West Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria) and eastern Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and southern Iraq as well as eastern Iran and western Afghanistan.

Through much of Europe and continental north Asia usual normal to usual high conditions prevail with extreme rainfall possible in northern Spain and southern France.

Worldwide - E3201607