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New Zealand

The climate of New Zealand is mostly warm temperate to cool temperate with a strong maritime influence. However, due to its highly varied topography, microclimate can be found across the country. The main factors are the Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea and Antarctic Ocean and latitude, although the mountain ranges can cause significant climate variations as winds are predominantly westerlies and the primary mountain ranges are situated on the west coast thus locations only tens of kilometres from each other can have markedly different climates. The sub seasonal and seasonal forecasts for New Zealand are downscaled to a five kilometer resolution and this can pick up the finer details of New Zealand's topography. Currently precipitation, temperature and moisture deficit maps are available with other variables provided through consultation. Probability maps are also available for specific end users as well as wind forecasts.

The NOAA CFSv2 data is processed by the team at ExtendWeather and new outputs are put on the website approximately every ten days. This is the most frequently updated and publicly available seasonal forecast in the country. The high resolution maps are also easy to interpret. Upon signing up for an account additional tools such as the Image Viewer are available for download as well as access to downloadable data for areas outside New Zealand and for global forecast images.