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Sub Seasonal and Seasonal Forecasting

The sub-seasonal to seasonal timescale provides a unique opportunity to capitalise on the expertise of the weather and climate research communities, and to bring them together to improve predictions on a timescale of particular relevance to the Global Framework for Climate Services (World Meteorological Organisation, 2012).

Image Types

We are unique in our forecasting and its presentation. Our service includes high resolution maps delivered to your inbox every ten days. These maps include 29 years of historical data from which anomalies are forecast. These high quality images allow you to focus not only on the national story but what is happening in your part of the country. These high quality images are all archived and you will receive with your subscription updates of all the forecast maps every ten days so you can keep abreast of the most up-to-date seasonal information in New Zealand.

Critical climate variables updated every ten days from the latest CFSv2 downscaled model outputs:

  • Precipitation anomalies
  • Temperature anomalies
  • Potential evapotranspiration deficit anomalies
  • Wind anomalies
  • Other variables available upon request.

Updated Every Ten Days

The team at ExtendWeather ingests global data that is generated four times every day. Every ten days there are 40 global runs that we then process to generate a ten day update of our forecast maps. That means there is an ensemble of 40 model runs we draw upon and then downscale using proprietary methods to generate the high quality five kilometre resolution maps we supply.

Plans and Pricing

Level 1

3 month outlook

Level 2

9 month outlook

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The Right Plan for the Right User

Agriculture Sector: We have tailored our subscription plans to user need. These plans range from the most simple and cost effective outputs for subscribers that are in fast paced operations that require quick access to the key variables of precipitation and temperature for a three month period that is updated every ten days. Most farm operators can use this information to plan cultivation activities, infer potential grass growth and also better time effluent storage and spreading. Most critically this basic data gives early warning of dry spells and even drought. On the flip side the forecast also signals when rain is expected again. This can be invaluable information when planning for overcoming the stress of low rainfall periods.

Energy Sector: The energy sector relies on not only rainfall information but also wind forecasts. A data package that covers these critical aspects has been designed to service this specific need and is already being applied by energy traders.

Viticulture: Viticulturists and the forestry industry can also apply this sort of information for planning their activities in their vineyards and forests from pruning time to harvest risk.

Local Government and Water Supply and Demand: Local Governments also can apply forecasting information on rain and temperature and potential evaportranspiration deficits to their water management planning be it for the demand side of for gaining early warning of potential dry spells and droughts to prepare their communication materials for their clients.

Customised Applications and Data Provision: Some users may require raw data that is generated every ten days. The ExtendWeather team has data experts who are prepared to consult with such users to define their raw data needs so that data can be supplied in the correct format for rapid and easy use. Some users also require statistical probability analysis of forecast data and extend their forecasts up to nine month. The ExtendWeather team can provide data packages that meet this need.

Free 30 Day Trial

We encourage you to subscribe for a free thirty trial. You will get three updated (every ten days) for the rainfall and temperature variables for a one month forecast. This will give you access to the maps so you can see how they may be applied to your farm, energy, forestry or vineyard business. You may have applications for the information that we have not thought about such as tourism operators, ski resorts or golf course managers. We would like to hear from you!